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SoundUp Now is the ultimate all-in-one platform to build your audio presence. With world-class support, easy setup and exciting features such as:

  • Create Alexa Flash Briefings
  • Custom Alexa Skills
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Unlimited Episode Scheduling
  • In-Dashboard Recording
  • Audio-Gram Video Sharing of Audio Content
  • Website Player Widget
  • Public Station Pages
  • Social Media Episode Sharing
  • #VoiceFirst Marketing Tips & more…

The new way to showcase your Business & Brand

We create a code free bridge to get your podcast & audio content on your own every audio & video platform.

Share your audio content on Alexa, iTunes, Spotify, Social Media and even your own website! No expensive software to download, no long term comitments and hands on support from our US based team.



Using your mobile phone, tablet or computer, record right from our built-in recorder.  You could upload your own recorded and edited audio – but this feature leaves you with no excuses to create audio.



Simple one-click Amazon connection to our dashboard – then create Flash Briefing Skills and Custom Alexa Skills without ever leaving the SoundUp dashboard.



Share your audio content on Alexa, iTunes, Spotify, Social Media and even your own website! Our integration with Headliner allows you to repurpose your audio into video content for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



Schedule your content with our included schedule feature.  You choose to upload as much audio at one time for your podcast or flash briefing, and designate when it goes live!



Podcast hosting and creation is included in all our membership levels. If you don’t have a podcast, it’s time to start one and get it heard in all places audio…and we are here to help make that a reality!


Widgets & Stations

Our custom widget player can embed into almost any website so your audio can be heard wherever you want! Plus, our public facing Stations page gives our members a landing page for their audio that they can share with their audience and build their brand with!

Blog & Stuff

How to check your Alexa Flash Briefing Skill Analytics

How to check your Alexa Flash Briefing Skill Analytics

Did you know you can check your Alexa Flash Briefing or Alexa Skill Analytics? They may be a little confusing for some to read, but getting to them is simple! Let's get started!Step #1 Go to and login with your Alexa Developer...

Audio is the future… be part of it

With so many Alexa’s in your customers home, it would be studpid to ignore.

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