Alexa Flash Briefings for Realtors
February 15, 2019


Alexa Flash Briefings for Realtors

If you are a Realtor growing your individual brand or your team, or even a broker growing your whole real estate company, then you are doing both marketing and branding. My guess, is over the last 5-10 years you have heard a lot about creating content for your brand and business. Content that needed to be posted on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. You have heard about how content and mass scale will position you and build your place in the consumers mind of being the go to resource about whatever your message is in your content you create. You have also probably dove into the world of finding exactly what kind of content you are best at creating (video, audio, written) and then hopefully triple-down on that while outsourcing or building a team around your weaknesses so that you can fill the gaps. This way when you can keep creating content on multiple platforms that reach the intended audience associated with and paying attention on said platform.

While this concept has been available and around for over a decade, most are only starting, especially in real estate, over the last 24 months or so. The segment of people that are earlier adopters is slim, and many are slow to the trends. In that vain of thought, those who did start creating content at scale have a massive head start on the rest of us that have only recently started creating real estate content. Now we scramble a little, but at the same time realize there are still a large percentage more who have not started or don’t believe in the concept. Some of these will be left behind and some real estate agents with this mentality will die off. Either way, you can’t focus on “others” in that sense, you can only do what you know you need to do to grow your real estate business.

Enter the world of voice technology

With the likes of Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Cortana Siri and more. The power of audio has been around for over a hundred years. But now content for your real estate business in audio form has gained a strong foothold. Yes, radio marketing, and even podcasting has been around, but you would be surprised how many real estate agents still don’t put the time, effort, or see the value in podcasting. They will also be left behind.

Now Enter #VoiceFirst Platforms like Alexa

And here is where if you have been left behind or lagging before hand, as a real estate agent you can start to be a first mover. Alexa flash briefings make perfect sense for real estate agents as short audio content that is easily created and distributed. Being able to be found on Amazon skill store, and bringing value to an audience that is growing exponentially everyday listening to and using their Alexa devices. Flash briefings for realtors and real estate give you a platform to distribute content like:
– Market update
РLocal events 
– Buyer and seller tips
– Home buying advice
– Curb appeal tips for sellers
– Pre-listing know how
– Neighborhood overviews
– Real Estate investor secrets and more!

Be on the front end in the real estate industry to create flash briefings and micro-audio on Alexa and start building an audience on a platform that is going to do nothing but grow from here!


Who wrote this thing?

Chris Ward is the Broker/Owner of Eagle Realty and Eagle Resorts for over 16 years, and has multiple business partnerships in the real estate, rental, insurance, fitness, and marketing & technology industries. He has a passion (and background) for creative, content, and marketing strategy that has led hime to help found SoundUp Now as the go to #audio and #voicefirst platform for people and brands wishing to create and distribute audio content in relevant ways. The goal is to reach your audience on voice platforms and gain footholds in new voice arenas and on new voice technologies. By building an easy to navigate and use platform like SoundUp Now, Chris believes real estate agents and companies, related industries, and actually all industries can use this product to enhance their audio content strategy on platforms like Amazon Alexa, podcasting, Google home, and beyond.

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