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“The next search engine is voice- I’m completely convinced” -Gary Vee
Having your own Alexa Flash Briefing is a great way to get started in the voice arena. But the true power of the Alexa platform really starts to shine when you get into custom skills. We are starting this journey with our Podcast Skill.

Now your listeners will be able to summon your latest episode by asking it by name such as: “Alexa, play SoundUp Now Podcast”. This is another level of branding and there are even more features, add-ons and plugins to come. But today, we start with Podcasts. And for the introduction, we are cutting the startup fee in half to $99. There is NO ADDITIONAL monthly fee outside of your current SoundUp Now membership. When you sign up for the Podcast Skill you also get a SoundUp Now membership that includes two Flash Briefing feeds and Podcast hosting. When you’re ready to get started just sign up below!

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