Alexa’s reach is continuing to grow! This may or may not be your target market but it’s great to see that your briefings and skills have an opportunity to reach more people around the world!

Here’s an article from explaining this as well as Sonos launching their new Alexa enabled speakers:

We’re excited to share that we’re launching updates to the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) that make it possible for device makers to bring French-language Alexa experiences to customers in France. In the coming days, device makers will be able to access the French language models in the cloud using the AVS Device SDK and APIs, adding support for multiple languages and localized content to their Alexa-enabled products. This launch follows up on the March 2018 announcement that Alexa is coming soon to France.

Alexa language models and regional services are built in the cloud, making it easier for developers to update their devices and enable localized, voice-forward experiences for customers. Along with the Echo family of devices, brands like Sowee, Boulanger, and Sonos already have plans to bring their own Alexa-enabled products to customers in France. Device makers Harman Kardon, Ultimate Ears, ARCHOS, and Netgem have also announced AVS integrations.

In addition to these Alexa-enabled products, customers in France can ask Alexa to stream millions of songs from Deezer and access Alexa skills from brands like Marmiton, Netatmo, LaFourchette, and Unique Heritage Media.

Alexa-Enabled Products Coming to France

Sowee: An Alexa-enabled smart home hub for controlling gas boilers and electric radiators. The screen-based device can set home temperatures based on inputs collected via remote sensors, simulate daily or monthly energy consumption, compare against budgets, and provide customers with access to a range of Alexa features and smart home capabilities.

Boulanger: The Essential B Virtuoz 401 is a far-field wireless smart speaker with built-in Amazon Alexa. Play music from Deezer, get daily or weekly weather reports, set timers, add items to your shopping list, and more – Just ask Alexa.

Sonos One: With Alexa on the Sonos One, you can ask to play music, listen to your favorite podcasts, hear the latest sports reports, and more. Use your voice to stream millions of songs and stations from Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, Audible, and Deezer.

Things to Try with Alexa

You can now speak to, and receive responses from, Alexa in French on supported devices. Try these sample utterances to get started:

  • “Alexa, raconte-moi une blague.”
  • “Alexa, qu’est-ce qu’il y a sur ma liste de choses à faire?”
  • “Alexa, quel temps fait-il?”

How to Integrate Alexa into Your Product

AVS enables developers to integrate Alexa directly into their products, bringing the convenience of voice control to any connected device. Developers can quickly get an Alexa-enabled prototype up and running by following our hands-on tutorials. Get an overview of AVS and start building with the AVS Device SDK now. Learn about AVS multi-language and localization support on our AVS International page.

Ready to launch an Alexa-enabled product in France? You can view France-specific marketing guidelines on the Developer Portal (login required).

What Is AVS?

AVS is a customizable suite of development tools and resources that make it easy to integrate Alexa directly into your products and bring voice-forward experiences to customers. Through AVS, you can add a new natural interface to your products and offer customers access to a growing number of Alexa features, smart home integrations, and skills. Visit the AVS Developer Portal to get started.

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