Amazon Alexa

Custom Skills

“The next search engine is voice- I’m completely convinced” -Gary Vee

Having your own Alexa Flash Briefing is a great way to get started in the voice arena. But the true power of the Alexa platform really starts to shine when you get into custom skills. We are starting this journey with our Alexa Custom Skill templates.

Our Alexa Custom Skill membership is easy, cost effective, and perfect to get your brand or business into the Alexa platform where you’re #voicefirst!


Alexa Custom Skill Templates

Now we make it simple for you to get your business or brand it’s own alexa custom skill.  Not only can you choose from one of our templates to get you started quickly with your new custom skill on Amazon devices, but your custom skill will be ever expandable as we build and create new functions (called “Skillets”) for you to add to your skill functionality.  This is only the start of our Alexa custom skill products and we can wait for you to join in the journey with us!

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