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Alexa Flash Briefings for Realtors

Alexa Flash Briefings for RealtorsFebruary 15, 2019By Chris Ward  Alexa Flash Briefings for Realtors If you are a Realtor growing your individual brand or your team, or even a broker growing your whole real estate company, then you are doing both marketing and...

Should I update my Alexa Flash Briefing daily or weekly?

Should I update my Alexa Flash Briefing daily or weekly?February 12, 2019By Sean McKenna  Should I update my Alexa Flash Briefing daily or weekly? This is one of the first and most common questions we receive when someone joins SoundUp Now. Unfortunately, there...

Privfit Studios

Flash Briefing Spotlight: Privfit Studios Privfit Studios presents the latest findings in health, fitness, and wellness research from reputable sources and studies along with practical tips and advice.

Episode .02 -Sound Off

EPISODE Follow @SoundUpNow facebooktwitterinstagram  We made it back for episode .02 ... a few pounds heavier, however. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving for those in the US!  This Episodes Topics: Cyber Monday Hype Alexa vs Google Black Friday 3D Fun on...

Episode .01 – SoundOff

EPISODE Follow @SoundUpNow facebooktwitterinstagram So here we are, we did it! We started a pod/audio/flashcast... one of those... Anyway there are multiple ways to watch or listen! This Episodes Topics: Facebook is watching you Alexa in the car iHeart Radio Podcasts...

Monthly Mic: Microphones to get you started

Choosing the right microphone for Podcasting, Alexa Flash Briefings or anything else can be a daunting task if you don’t have any prior experience in the audio realm… heck, even if you do there are too many options out there to just go to Amazon and hit purchase....

Hurricane Florence won’t stop the Sound!

We were hit in our area pretty hard by Hurricane Florence if you haven't heard. And STILL are dealing with the flooding as hurricanes can be so much more than just wind. I (Sean) did document a good bit of this and working on a video but I wanted to share...

Flash Briefing Spotlight: The Front Row Entrepreneur

The Front Row EntrepreneurJen Lehner, host of The Front Row Entrepreneur Flash Briefing is one of SoundUp Now's first members. Jumping on the Alexa Flash Briefing train while others were still trying to figure out what the heck a Flash Briefing even was. Her Flash...

E01 Branding with David Brier

SoundUp Now Podcast: Episode 01 In this first episode of our new podcast, we talk with David Brier about branding, marketing and of course his Alexa Flash Briefing. Take a listen and subscribe to our new podcast! Below are some of the images we talk about during the...

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