Create a New Alexa Flash Briefing Skill in SoundUp Now 4.0 Giraffe
September 13, 2019

This tutorial is only for the FIRST setup. Once this is complete you’ll only need to do Step #3 each time you want to upload a new Flash Briefing Episode… and that’s the fastest step ;-).

Step #1

Go to and create an Alexa Developer Account. This is free and easy to do.

When creating this account keep in mind the Business or Company name will appear in the Alexa App store. Once you have this account set up, head over to

Step #2

You can't submit anything to Amazon until you have an episode uploaded so let's start there. If you want to continue without uploading your first episode, just keep in mind that you CANNOT submit for certification until you have at least 1 audio file uploaded.

Once you login, head over to My Stations.


Don't worry about filling out everything here, just name the Station the same name you want for your Flash Briefing, scroll down and hit save.

Select Upload Episode from the menu on the right.

Give your episode a title.

Choose the Station we just created.

Upload your episode or record.

Choose todays date or the date you will submit to Amazon.

Scroll down and hit save!

Step #4

Now on the side menu, select Alexa Skills.

You'll need to log in with your new Amazon Developer Account by clicking the yellow Connect to Amazon button.


Step #5

Once connected click on the blue Create New Skill button next to Flash Briefings.


You need to fill out each section.

You can hover over the green question mark for help with each field

Hit save on the last page and you'll be re-directed back to the Alexa Skills page.


Step #6

Once you've saved everything, it's time to submit to Amazon!

Click on STATUS next to your Flash Briefing and on the right, you'll see some basic information about your new Flash Briefing Skill.

Scroll down to the drop-down menu, select Submit For Certification & hit Submit Action.

You should receive an email from Amazon that your submission was received. If you run into any errors please hit that Green Icon that's always in the bottom right of our website and we'll give you a hand.

**Don't forget to upload at least 1 Flash Briefing Episode as we talked about in Step #3**

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