Flash Briefings for Restaurants
February 22, 2019

Flash Briefings for Restaurants

I worked in the restaurant industry for 10+ years, three of those in marketing. One of the daily forms of content was sharing our daily specials or featured dishes on Facebook and Twitter at the time. Sometimes we even made a video talking about the dinner special. The other thing we would promote is our events. Every night we had something different going on. A new beer on tap, music, trivia and so on. One thing I didn’t have at the time was Alexa. With the amount of Amazon Alexa powered devices being sold right now, you need to take the 5 minutes to create an an audio version of these same posts. Amazon is making a push for the car and flash briefings are going to be a big part of a lot of folks morning or afternoon commutes. What better way to plant the idea of dinner or lunch at your restaurant than this? I don’t read my facebook in the car like a lot of people… and hopefully you don’t either, so this is the best way to get this across in my opinion.

If you plan your daily specials out for the week you can take advantage of our scheduling feature and have each one ready for the week. This way on Sunday night you’ve got these ready to go each day for people to hear whenever they listen to their Flash Briefing.

You can just as easily use the voice recording app on your smartphone or tablet. Our Dashboard works on mobile devices so you don’t need a computer to get this done. You don’t need an intro (Alexa does this for you) and you don’t need fancy music. Just record, upload it to our Dashboard, choose the date and hit save!

I also don’t think it’s a bad idea to mix in your events, you can do a different one each day or remind them of your weekend events all in one swift post. You could also use a site like Headliner and turn your briefing into a video for even more organic reach on other forms of social media!

Let us know in the comments down below or on social if you’re doing this. Or share with others some of the ways you use Alexa for your restaurant!


Example of Daily Special Post:

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