How to Auto Tweet New Episodes
May 10, 2019

Things you’ll need: Account

SoundUp Now Account

Twitter Account

Less than 10 minutes of your time 


Step #1

For this tutorial we need to go to the dashboard and grab two links. I’m going to copy and paste them into my notepad so I can access them later. You could also just leave this tab open. The two Links I’m going to copy are:

Podcast RSS Feed

Public Station


 The Podcast feed has the same audio files but formatted differently.



Step #2

Now head over to and let’s make a zap!

Step #3

Let’s choose a Trigger.

Select RSS


Step #4

Select New Item in Feed


Step #5

Paste the Podcast Feed URL we copied earlier


Step #6

We want Different Content to be our trigger.

This just means: new episode = new tweet.


Step #7

Time to test

It will pull the most recent 3 for testing

I just chose Item A


Step #8

Now let’s choose what happens when it pulls the new Episode

Click on Add Action…

Step #9

For this tutorial we are going to choose Twitter


Step #10

Select Create Tweet


Step #11

You’ll need to login with your Twitter account

Once you do that you can click test to make sure it’s working


Step #12

Now we will create what the Tweet actually says

Zapier can pull information from your Episodes so I’m going to do the following

“Check out our new Episode:

Now click the plus icon in the right corner and you’ll see this drop down

You’ll see info from your Episode, I want the title so that the tweet will always be different. 

The episode title is “Just Enjoying a #BigMac”

Step #13

After that I’ll paste a link to my Public Station

Your listeners can listen and share from your Public Station

You can see the tweet now looks like this:


Step #14

Make sure you turn this on and you’re good to go!

Zapier checks your feed every 15 minutes so be patient when you upload!

All done!

This same method can be used for most social media channels, next we will be testing a few lesser thought about mediums such as Google My Business. See you then!

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