How to check your Alexa Flash Briefing Skill Analytics
September 6, 2019

Did you know you can check your Alexa Flash Briefing or Alexa Skill Analytics? They may be a little confusing for some to read, but getting to them is simple! Let’s get started!

Step #1

Go to and login with your Alexa Developer Account

Step #2

Hover over the Alexa link and select Alexa Skills Kit.

Step #3

Find your Skill below and select Analytics.

Step #4

And that’s it! We will go over all the different ways to read this but here’s what you’ll be presented with:

Unique = How many different people listened.

Enablements = How many Enabled your skill in the selected time period.

Plays = How many times overall your Skill was accessed or Flash Briefing was played.

What’s next?


Like I said above, we will cover all the different ways to read your analytics in a separate post. But be sure to enable ours as well for more tips and tricks delivered each week!


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