How to share your Alexa Flash Briefing or Skill
March 4, 2019

How to share your Alexa Flash Briefing or Skill

We made a quick video on how to share your Alexa Flash Briefing or Skill. This doesn’t matter if you created it with us here at SoundUp Now or elsewhere. We’ve provided some screen shots for those that hate videos as well.


Video Tutorial

Step 1: 

Go to and in search box select “Alexa Skills” on the left side of the search box and type in the title or a keyword for your skill. We are searching for “The Myrtle Beach Real Estate Minute” by Eagle Realty flash briefing in this example. 

Step 2:

Hit ENTER and your Flash Briefing or Skill should be on the list.

Step 3:

Go ahead and click on your Skill.



Step 4: 

On the right side of the screen select “Share”


Step 5:

Copy this link and paste it anywhere your heart desires!



That’s it! Pretty simple. Have any suggestions for future tutorials and tips? Comment below and we’ll get them done for you!

If you don’t already have your own Alexa flash briefing skillClick here and get started! We are always here to help!


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