How to upload a Flash Briefing episode on an Android device
March 7, 2019

How to upload a Flash Briefing episode on an Android device also know as (Samsung Galaxy or Droid ?)

Android gives us a lot more freedom and one of those freedoms is being able to record right on our dashboard like a desktop computer. This was tested on devices as far back as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is atleast 4 years old so don’t worry about hardware. So let’s jump into it!



Let’s start with recording


Login to SoundUp Now and head to “Upload”

Give this episode a title.

Now scroll down and select the blue text UNDER the “Choose File”

Click activate and give your device permissions to use the microphone… otherwise we can record… duh?



Once you activate the recording function hit “Record”

The button should turn red and the “On Air” sign should be on

Once you are finished recording hit stop and a preview of your recording will appear below.

If you’d like to re-record, just hit record again to start anew and overwrite your old recording!


Pro Tip!

For the best quality and to avoid unwanted sounds from movement and poof sounds from speaking, set your phone down and speak beside and not directly into the microphone.

Saving & Publishing the recording 

Now choose when you want this episode to go live, scroll down and hit save!

That’s it! 

You’ll be taken back to the my sounds tab and should now see your episode if you scheduled for today, otherwise select “Scheduled” from the drop down menu.

If you have an iOS (iPhone/iPad) device we have a post for you over here!

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