How to use your Flash Briefing as a Podcast
April 1, 2019

How To Prepare Your Station For Submission

Updated 5-6-2019

Want to repurpose your Alexa Flash Briefing on iTunes, Spotify and more? Well now you can thanks to our Podflash setup! Let’s just right into it.

Go to go to

Once you’re logged in go ahead and click on

“My Stations”

Choose which feed you want to edit and then click “Edit Station”


Now fill out the 4 fields point out in this graphic. Don’t forget to hit SAVE! 








Make sure that you have at least one episode or flash briefing uploaded before you submit as they will not accept an empty feed. After you upload an episode all you need to do is submit to the appropriate places.


Go ahead and copy your Podcast RSS Feed Url by clicking on the GREEN Copy Icon in the “Links” menu.




That’s the URL you’ll need to give to the platforms. The button below is a shortcut we put together that will take you right to the submission page for the top platforms with more to come!

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