We were hit in our area pretty hard by Hurricane Florence if you haven’t heard. And STILL are dealing with the flooding as hurricanes can be so much more than just wind. I (Sean) did document a good bit of this and working on a video but I wanted to share some clips and photos before hand. SoundUp Now will be donating to victims here in our local area so thank each and every one of you that has joined us.

My wife is a nurse in Whiteville, NC. In order to get to work and help the patients and relieve some of the nurses who’ve been working for 72 straight hours, she had to get assistance from the National Gaurd just to get there. These are some video clips she took on her journey to work that day.

This photo was taken today in Longs/Little River, SC. The flooding is going to continue so we ask everyone to help in anyway they possibly can.

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