Introducing Audiograms
April 5, 2019

Creating content just got more efficient.

A lot of our users have been using for months and have been asking for a similar feature… so we just decided to parter up with them!

What is an “Audiogram” you ask?




An Audiogram is a video up to 10 minutes long from a clip of audio to share on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram (1 Minute due to insta rules). 

All you need to do is upload or record your Flash Briefing, head over to the “My Sounds” page and click the purple video icon, see example below:

After a few seconds a window is going to pop up so make sure your pop-up blocked is turned off on the dashboard!

How can I use this?

This brings the SoundUp Now Community so many more ways to use our dashboard than just Flash Briefings.

Once you upload your audio file or record using our Dashboard 3.0, you’ll be able to edit your audio, ad intros & outros, video clips and more!

Then you have the option to upload directly to facebook as a native video, NOT a link! This is great for organic reach.

Setup your Feed Profile Logo in “My Feeds” and Feed Theme Text Color and your Audiogram with automatically have your Logo & Brand Colors loaded up and ready to go!

You can write text, upload captions… I could keep going but you get the point. If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for? ?


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