When we started SoundUp Now we knew that only creating Alexa Flash Briefings couldn’t be our stopping point. A few weeks ago we added podcast hosting for everyone at no additional charge. And now we continue our roadmap with custom Alexa Skills, starting with our debut branded Podcast Skills.
Our plan for the “Podcast” Skill is to get you on Alexa and get your brand outside of the Flash Briefing feed… and we believe you’ll be pleased with the pricing. For a one time only $99 (current introductory discount), you will get your own custom branded podcast skill. That means when you go to the Skill store on Amazon your audience will be able to enable your Alexa Flash Briefings plus find and enable your podcast skill. This enables you to start getting outside of the Flash Briefing arena and into a more interactive experience with your listeners. Our goal, to get your audio content and voice on the Alexa as much as possible for your audience.
So you may be thinking, what more can they do for me and my Alexa content strategy.  Trust us….much more!  We have in development, multiple strategies to grow your Alexa skill capabilities where your company or brand becomes a go-to resource for your clients and customers.  This is gonna be big and here at SoundUp Now, we are looking forward to the journey ahead and welcome the opportunity to partner with your in all things voice and audio!  Welcome to the family!

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