Let’s Talk Alexa SEO: Keywords
March 12, 2019

Let’s talk Alexa SEO – Keywords

Keywords have been around forever and while it takes a lot more than just keywords for SEO on say, Google.com, with Amazon and their Alexa Skill Store it’s just like the good old days of google and the internet… for now.. so let’s learn some Alexa SEO Keywords and go over our studies.


So let’s say your flash briefing is about marketing or branding and you think people that enjoy listening to Gary Vee will also like your Alexa Flash Briefing. Well, we tested this with 3 separate skills and if you search Gary Vee you will see his as well these 2 flash briefings and 1 podcast skill. All we did was add “Gary Vee” to our Keywords:

Real Estate Today! Answers For Buyers & Sellers

Eagle Realty Podcast

90 Seconds For Your Real Estate Career

Now if you’re content is NOT relevant to what people are searching for I would advise you didn’t do this, don’t ruin something great just to show up with popular people.

So let’s dive a little deeper into the Keywords and how you add them to your skills.


The 30 Keyword Limit

Amazon let’s you add 30 Keywords MAX, but it can also be a little tricky. Each Keyword needs to be separated by a comma so you may think this is a good idea:
Gary Vee, Marketing, social media,
BUT, while you may think you just put in 3 keywords, Amazon is going to change that to 5 separate words (keyword slots) like this:
Gary, Vee, Marketing, Social, Media
And now you’re limited… I see a lot of our members using the same work a lot sort of like the following:
 Myrtle Beach marketing, Myrtle Beach social media, Myrtle Beach agency, Myrtle Beach weather
And because of what amazon will change, you just wasted 6 keywords slots because it’s going to just put Myrtle & Beach in there separately like this:
Myrtle, Beach, marketing, Myrtle, Beach, social, media, Myrtle, Beach, agency, Myrtle, Beach, weather
So really all you needed to do was add the city “Myrtle Beach” once… but that’s still going to take up 2 keyword slots and now you’re going to rank just for the word “Beach”. Well, take a look at this.

Time to test

In an effort to save space I thought, “Oh, I’ll just make Myrtlebeach one word and that will be fine”… NOPE, if you search “Myrtle Beach” the SoundUp Now Flash Briefing doesn’t show up AT ALL! If you type “myrtle beach” as one word how ever we are right there ?


Well, that doesn’t help… so I decided to test some other things.
Do not judge me on these words but I needed to be able to see real results. So let’s try to rank for the keyword “pink toes” without use TWO keyword slots.
When you add in the key word “pink toes” notice how it already shows you’ve used 2 out of 30?


Well, if I do it like this look what happens: pink.toes

Ok, so just by adding a period between the words it let’s me count as 1 word… but will we show up for “pink toes” or will it not rank like when we did “myrtlebeach” as one word?

Well, amazon doesn’t understand why we were searching for pink toes but… IT WORKED!

Along with the period I also tried a dash – and that worked as well. So make sure when you’re adding your keywords that you’re aware of what you’re typing in to be as efficient as possible!
If this post helped you with your Alexa SEO keywords and understanding, please share on all your socials and let us know your results below! If it confused you, leave a comment with any questions you have and we’ll get those answered!



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