As smart speakers are becoming more integrated in homes and vehicles, this gives businesses another opportunity to market their brand to this audience.   Simply using voice commands can inform or entertain smart device users, they can control house lights, some appliances and listen to music.  They can also have a conversation asking for specific information or to play a game.  Businesses can create their custom skill with a great voice design to provide customers and potential customers with branded information delivered in a friendly conversation format.  For example, using a skill named, my great thing, an Alexa user can ask my great thing for the latest deals and Alexa would respond with something like:

“okay, Joe, here is a list of deals for Saturday the fifth, 15 percent off widget one, 50 percent off widget two. Would you like to hear more?”

That  was a quick sample of one possibility setting up a conversation.  A business can design their skill conversation flow using real situations how they interact with with their customers.  Here are some additional ways to enhance the flow of a custom skill conversation:

  • the Link Account feature:This feature allows the Alexa user to link their amazon account OR a custom account from your business site (should that be available).  It allows a more personal interaction using the person’s name and allowed customer information.
  • Use randomized greeting messages each time or periodically the Alexa user interacts with the skill.  This could also be a personal message or a birthday message if using the Link Account feature.  Or create messages for a particular time of year.
  • Using in-skill purchasing: Businesses can sell items as a one time purchase, or a subscription to a membership and provide only subscription only content for them
  • Along with the Link Account feature, businesses can provide a conversation asking the user if they would like to be contacted via email and if authorized add that email address to an integrated mail provider, like Mail Chimp.
  • Set up a booking appointment, using the Link Account feature, businesses can ask the user if they would like to set up an appointment asking to confirm a certain date and integrate directly into a scheduling app, like calendly and their software api.

Another way to make keep an Alexa user engaged with the custom skill is to add a game like a quiz they can play.  A business can give points for correct answers or time played etc to be used as specials in the businesses online shop.   These are a few ways to make a great customer experience with your branded skill.  This is a great time to get your unique business ideas and conversations out to this growing audience!

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