Podcast hosting is here… ?

Well, almost! We are in our testing phase and will be adding podcast hosting to your memberships at no additional charge in April. We will have all your standard features from the start and then something really awesome for the first 1000 members that sign up! *cough*podcast skills*. This is exciting for me personally so that I don’t have to go to so many different places to post audio! This brings us closer to some of the awesome things we have planned in our road map that I mentioned in this past weeks group Q&A.

Let’s make it pretty!

Along with this, you’ll see some changes in the back end. We want to make everything a little more pleasing to the eye and easy to understand. This includes new buttons and organization!


Backend Player

You’ll now be able to listen to your uploaded and scheduled Alexa flash briefings and podcasts. This will be one page for all of your feeds so that you’re not running around trying to find what you’re looking for.

So many things…

We have so many more exciting things in store for SoundUp Now but for now I wanted to share these few excited features!


If you’re new here you can use promo code “PODCAST” to save $5 off your monthly plan with us! Podcast hosting IS INCLUDED but if you have any questions reach out by email, text or let’s get on the phone and figure something out for you! Take care!


-Sean McKenna


*Update: We were just featured in an article on SocialMediaExaminer.com! Be sure to check that out and give it a share!

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