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Be one of the first to break into this new form of audio and outside the realm of Podcasts. Get in front of your audience with your own custom Alexa Flash Briefing. Our website helps you get there with little to no effort so that you may focus on creating quality content.

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Why Alexa Flash Briefings?

Why Alexa Flash Briefings? Why Alexa Flash Briefings? It's simple.  Alexa is the most popular voice controlled device currently in the marketplace.  Alexa devices, when compared to Google Home, Apple Home Pod, and Cortana, have more users than those 3 combined almost....

Who is Alexa and what’s a Flash Briefing?

Have you ever wondered what in the world is going on with Alexa (Echo) and Google Home?  I mean, what is it really.  Is this the first wave of AI invading our homes and controlling our lives?  Maybe.  But how cool that I can order toothpaste to be...


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What we do

We create a bridge to get your content to your very own Alexa Flash Briefing.



Using your mobile phone, tablet or computer, record an audio file that is less than 10 minutes and get ready to upload it!


Uploading your audio file to SoundUp is fast and easy. Just select the recording, choose the publish date and you’re done! Simple and fast!


Want to record an entire weeks or months worth of content in one day? Great! You can schedule each briefing to be published when you want!

Audio is the future… be part of it

With so many Alexa’s in your customers home, it would be studpid to ignore.

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