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July 26, 2019


Why Do Audio and Voice #Content?


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In our June 2019 webinar we talked a lot about how to not only get started with voice content and a strategy, but a god overview of the context of your content strategy when it comes to audio.  We aren’t talking just to talk – we want to bring value to the audience we are trying to reach.  We want to use the right audio, in the right way, on multiple platforms to reach our target audience.


SoundUp Now is the ultimate all-in-one platform to build your audio presence. With world-class support, easy setup and exciting features such as:

Create Alexa Flash Briefings
Custom Alexa Skills
Podcast Hosting
Unlimited Episode Scheduling
In-Dashboard Recording
Audio-Gram Video Sharing of Audio Content
Website Player Widget
Public Station Pages
Social Media Episode Sharing
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<a href="https://soundupnow.com/author/eaglerealtysc/" target="_self">Chris Ward</a>

Chris Ward

Chris Ward is the Broker/Owner of Eagle Realty and Eagle Resorts for over 16 years, and has multiple business partnerships in the real estate, rental, insurance, fitness, and marketing & technology industries. He has a passion (and background) for creative, content, and marketing strategy that has led hime to help found SoundUp Now as the go to #audio and #voicefirst platform for people and brands wishing to create and distribute audio content in relevant ways. The goal is to reach your audience on voice platforms and gain footholds in new voice arenas and on new voice technologies. By building an easy to navigate and use platform like SoundUp Now, Chris believes real estate agents and companies, related industries, and actually all industries can use this product to enhance their audio content strategy on platforms like Amazon Alexa, podcasting, Google home, and beyond.

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