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April 30, 2019

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Public Facing Station Page

What does this page control and what are all the buttons?!

1. At the top you have a drop down menu. This let’s you view which station and feed your on. You can also choose the bottom option to Create A New Station.

2. Now we have your Cover Image and Station Logo. Look at the public facing page to get an idea how that will look.

Cover Image: 1500 X 500

Station Logo: 1400 X 1400

The Station logo is also whats used as your default Podcast (iTunes etc.) logo as well your audiogram image.

3. Station Settings

Theme Color will be your default Audiogram Waveform color.

Your Website is a placeholder for your website that you want anyone subscribed to your Podcast to view.

4. Links

I feel like this should be obvious but… theses are links ?

5. Widgets Embed

Grab a widget for your website or blog post! You have two options from this menu:

One with a playlist of ALL your episodes.

The other will play ONLY your most recent upload.

6. My Episodes (Formally My Sounds)

Your episodes are still here! We just think this makes a little more sense… plus now you can listen to your file right from each Episode Card!

We will continue to update this page and this post so keep checking back as we add more features to SoundUp Now!




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