Why do I need an Alexa Flash Briefing?
March 1, 2019

Why do I need an Alexa Flash Briefing?

The Flash Briefing is the best way to get your branding in front of more people without needing them to search and look for you every day. Whenever Alexa users asking for updates or the news they are going to hear your briefing if they’ve enabled it. Just from our local feedback, users generally listen in the morning and with the deployment of Alexa in the car we believe it will be even more frequent. For example at my house, even my daughter tells Alexa good morning which prompts the morning routine that includes our Alexa Flash Briefing’s to play.

So now let’s talk about your business and industry. I’ll be providing a few examples of our members and the way they’re using it. I’ve had quite a few people tell me “I can’t do a flash briefing. No one is going to download and skill about *INSERT INDUSTRY HERE*”

This first came up during a live podcast last spring and was a recycling company… we’ll call him “Jon” he wanted to work on branding but said no one would want to listen to him talk about trash and recycling. I don’t disagree with that so I suggested this. Why not open the Amazon Alexa app and search your city or town… nothing came up for that area. So I told him to go on Facebook, find some fun family events and do a “City Events” flash briefing. Now he starts with “This is Jon from Jon’s Recycling and here’s this weeks events.” Now he’s branding his company in a fun and friendly way while providing a TON of value in his local community. I think this will go a lot farther than a random billboard in that town.

This same exact local event briefing could be done for Realtors, insurance companies, doctor offices… I could go on but I think you get it. I want to provide a few examples below of different industries and how they’re using their Alexa Flash Briefings.

We will be actively updating this post abour Alexa flash briefings so be sure to follow us on all the social channels. If you have any input, suggestions or would like to talk about how you use the Flash Briefings please comment below or shoot us a message!


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